Arno Raw: Brick Installation in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore and North Shore

Place of Production : Pennsylvania, USA
Dimensions : 3-15/16x1-9/16x19-11/16 in.
Color : Brun
Manufacturer : Glen-Gery
Collection : San Selmo Corso

Introducing Arno Raw: Maçonnerie Montréal's Architectural Masterpiece

Building Montreal’s Legacy One Brick at a Time

At Maçonnerie Montréal, our mission isn't just about constructing edifices; it's about crafting legacies. The cultural tapestry of Montreal, spanning across Greater Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore, and North Shore, demands structures that resonate with its spirit. We aren’t merely builders; we are dream-weavers, shaping the urban panorama brick by brick, narrative by narrative.

Arno Raw: A Confluence of Craftsmanship and Aesthetics

With immense pride, Maçonnerie Montréal unveils its latest premium offering: the Arno Raw brick. More than just a brick, it's a blend of heritage, artistry, and innovation.

  • Desert Elegance: Delve into the tranquil allure of its tan hue, reminiscent of serene deserts kissed by golden sunsets.
  • Birthplace of Craftsmanship: Skillfully crafted in Pennsylvania, USA, this brick encapsulates unmatched quality and craftsmanship, championed by Glen-Gery.
  • Dimensional Mastery: Sized at 3-15/16x1-9/16x19-11/16 inches, it promises architectural adaptability, catering to Montreal’s diverse design visions.
  • Synonymous with Quality: Behind every Arno Raw brick stands Glen-Gery, a badge of masonry distinction.

The Essence of Arno Raw

Tan: An Odyssey of Elegance

With Arno Raw, envision a tan that doesn't just convey a color but weaves countless narratives; from the golden stretches of Saharan sands to the rustic charm of autumn terrains.

Shaped to Perfection in Pennsylvania

The historic grounds of Pennsylvania are more than a manufacturing site; they’re sacred terrains where artistry takes form, and Arno Raw stands as its proud progeny.

Dimensions: Striking a Balance Between Beauty and Function

Its meticulously chosen dimensions aren't mere numbers; they bridge the gap between aesthetic grandeur and functional brilliance.

Beyond Bricks: Maçonnerie Montréal’s Installation Prowess

Our journey isn't restricted to offering top-tier bricks. Our core lies in ensuring these bricks find their rightful place in Montreal's architectural marvels through our peerless installation services.

Masonry: The Art of Maçonnerie Montréal

Precision Meets Passion

To us, every brick placement isn’t a task; it’s a canvas of precision, where our passionate maestros breathe life into visions.

Tailored for Montreal

Understanding the unique climatic and architectural nuances of Montreal, our brick installations are custom-fitted to stand the test of time and elements, standing tall amidst the city’s ever-evolving skyline.

Eco-Conscious Endeavors

In our odyssey to erect architectural wonders, we ensure our practices remain eco-friendly, preserving Montreal's natural splendor.

FAQs on Arno Raw

How does Arno Raw fare in demanding climates?

Engineered for resilience, Arno Raw stands as both an architectural jewel and a bulwark against nature's whims.

How can I avail Maçonnerie Montréal’s esteemed installation services?

Reach out to us through our website, Our dedicated team eagerly awaits assisting you and being a part of your architectural journey.

Envisioning Montreal’s Horizon with Arno Raw

With Arno Raw, we invite you on a journey. A journey where Montreal's skyline gleams with architectural wonders, each edifice echoing tales of quality, artistry, and innovation.