What is a bricklayer-mason? Masonry in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore and North Shore

What is a bricklayer-mason? Discover our universe!

  • Masonry in Montreal: expertise anchored in time

    Montreal, with its rich architectural heritage, is a living witness to the magic of masonry. From its earliest buildings to modern structures, each stone and brick tells a story, and this story is often shaped by a master bricklayer-mason.

    What exactly is a bricklayer-mason?

    The bricklayer-mason is much more than just a worker. He is an artist, a historian, a technician. He is the one who, armed with his tools and passion, transforms raw materials into genuine architectural masterpieces.

    1. A spectrum of skills

    • Types of materials: From the timeless charm of clay brick to the robustness of concrete blocks, to the elegance of natural stone, each material is a new challenge, a new story to tell.
    • Beyond laying: Being a bricklayer-mason means mastering a whole range of skills. From design to finishing, each step requires specific expertise and attention to detail.
    • Unique works: Whether it's a private home, a historical monument, or a public building, each construction is a testimony to our passion and our commitment to excellence.

    2. In the daily life of the bricklayer-mason

    • Preparation and setup: First and foremost, the ground must be prepared, ensuring everything is ready to host the upcoming work. Good preliminary work guarantees the quality and longevity of the construction.
    • Mixes and mortars: The secret to successful masonry often lies in choosing the right mortar. The right balance, the right consistency; it's what ensures harmony between bricks and stones.
    • Finishes and artistic touches: This is where the profession of masonry meets that of the artist. Engravings, patterns, architectural details: each final touch adds soul to the building.
  • 3. Training and professional path

    • Essential qualities: Rigor, precision, patience, and passion are at the heart of our profession.
    • From learning to mastery: The path of a bricklayer-mason is dotted with training, internships, and apprenticeships. It's a profession where you never stop learning.
    • Certifications and recognitions: In Quebec, masonry is a recognized and regulated profession. Each professional must prove their expertise and obtain the necessary certifications.

    The Competency Certificate: Your Passport to the Field of Construction in Quebec

    At the heart of the dynamic construction industry in Quebec lies the Construction Commission of Quebec (CCQ). It regulates and ensures the highest standards are maintained. If you aspire to be a central figure in this field, understanding the significance of the competency certificate is essential.

    When you take your first steps in this sector, it's more than just experience or training that counts. It's the official recognition of your skills by a respected institution. The CCQ acknowledges the worth of each worker by evaluating their training and experience. If you successfully demonstrate your expertise, you will receive the coveted apprentice bricklayer-mason competency certificate. This document attests to your ability to excel in this profession.

    But did you know that the CCQ actually offers three major distinctions for construction professionals?

    • The journeyman competency certificate: intended for experts in their field, those who have achieved complete mastery of their trade.
    • The apprentice competency certificate: for those still in the learning phase but who have shown a certain level of skill.
    • The occupation competency certificate: awarded to those with specific expertise in a particular area of construction.

    Each certificate is a key milestone in your professional journey, opening doors and offering new opportunities. By acquiring and progressing through these certifications, you not only prove your commitment to the profession but also your determination to bring your best to every project.

  • 4. Behind the scenes

    • Advantages of our profession: The satisfaction of seeing a project come to life, the pleasure of working with noble materials, the pride of contributing to the beautification of our city.
    • Daily challenges: The weight of the materials, weather conditions, tight deadlines. But we face these challenges with passion and determination.
    • Innovation and evolution: Masonry is an ancient profession, but it never stops evolving. New materials, new techniques, new challenges: we are always at the forefront of innovation.

    5. Influence of the Quebec climate

    • Seasonal challenges: Each season brings its own challenges. Whether it's the summer heatwave or winter frost, each day is different and requires adaptation.
    • Specific techniques for the cold: The Quebec winter is harsh, requiring specific techniques. Whether it's protecting mortar from frost or ensuring worker safety, every detail counts.
    • Seasonal maintenance: Weather can affect our constructions. Regular maintenance is essential to guarantee the longevity of our structures.

    6. Why choose Montreal Masonry?

    • Our family heritage: Behind Montreal Masonry, there are generations of enthusiasts. Our family history is intrinsically linked to Montreal masonry's history.
    • RBQ guarantee: Each project is conducted with rigor, compliance with standards, and a constant focus on quality and safety.
    • Our successes and testimonials: Behind each construction, there's a story, often told by those who trusted us.
    • Our ecological approach: Masonry is also a commitment to the future. We adopt environmentally-friendly practices because we are aware of our responsibility towards future generations.
  • 7. The mosaic of projects

    • From public buildings to private residences: Our portfolio reflects the diversity of our skills. Each project is a source of pride, whether modest or grand.
    • Restoration and preservation: Our role is also to preserve Montreal's architectural heritage. Restoring an old building is both a technical challenge and a historical responsibility.
    • Innovative projects: We like to push the boundaries of our profession. Integrating modern technologies, adopting avant-garde techniques, to us, this is the masonry of tomorrow.

    8. Tips and tricks

    • Maintaining your masonry: A well-maintained structure is one that lasts. We will give you all the advice to ensure the durability of your construction.
    • Current masonry trends: Masonry is an ever-evolving art. Discover the latest trends, the popular styles, and be inspired.
    • Safety and prevention: Because safety is at the core of our profession, we share our best advice to ensure your project's stability and durability.

    We invite you to dive into our world, discover what drives us, and understand why Montreal Masonry is the top choice for all your masonry projects.