About Maçonnerie Montreal - The Leader in Masonry throughout Greater Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, South Shore and North Shore!

Maçonnerie Montreal has been in the stone and brick masonry industry since 2001. Our business has evolved from a sole proprietorship to one of the leading masonry contractors in the Montreal area. We are now recognized across the city for our work ethic, the great attention we pay to detail, and the excellent results we provide to our clients.

We specialize in stone and masonry, for internal and external surfaces of both residential and commercial properties. Whatever your needs, whether they involve stone or brick work, we can help! Our goal is to always help clients get the most out of their investments. A key part of our service is helping you plan your stone and brick project, ensuring the end result is exactly as you imagined it to be, so that our work completes your dreams. We never sign off on a project until the client is completely satisfied.

We always guarantee you:

  • A detailed estimate, including the quantity of materials needed and additional costs.
  • A detailed plan, outlining the exact steps that will be taken.
  • The use of the most modern equipment, handled by qualified masons.
  • A staff of experts and experienced masons to manage the project, from design to completion.
  • The speed of the project's completion while taking the time necessary to do quality work.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the stonemasons we hire, as they are all highly skilled and experienced, and they are always happy to offer you bricklaying advice so that you keep your masonry in top condition.

We have a wide variety of clients, and we work in both small residences and commercial projects.

Among the regions where our work extends, we can cite Laval, Longueuil, the North Shore, the South Shore, and of course the Montreal region where our team has been carrying out stone and masonry projects every day for over 20 years old.