Le Plateau-Mont-Royal Borough Municipal Regulations and Permits on Masonry

Le Plateau-Mont-Royal Borough Municipal Regulations and Permits on Masonry

Guide on Municipal Regulations for Masonry Work in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal Borough in Montreal

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Why Knowing Local Rules is Essential

At Masonry Montreal, we pride ourselves on guiding you through the municipal regulations of the Le Plateau-Mont-Royal borough, to ensure that your masonry project proceeds smoothly and in full compliance with the law.

Minor Repairs: No Permit, No Worries

Basic Maintenance and Minor Repairs

In Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, routine maintenance and small repairs to the exterior wall covering generally do not require a permit. However, exceptions apply in certain very specific cases:

  • Properties classified as heritage
  • Buildings of architectural significance
  • Buildings located on the declared heritage site of Mont-Royal
  • Proximity to a building classified as heritage

Major Repairs: The Permit is Non-Negotiable

Obtaining a Permit for Large-Scale Work

For substantial renovations, such as the full or partial replacement of the cladding, changing a lintel, or replacing a sill, obtaining a permit is mandatory.

Material Selection: The Devil is in the Details

Authorized and Prohibited Materials

For existing constructions, the choice of cladding material must comply with the original materials. Certain materials are strictly prohibited, unless they are part of the original architectural elements:

  • Plastic films and tar papers
  • Particleboard or materials not intended for outdoor use
  • Concrete bricks, hollow concrete blocks
  • Vinyl, metal, or wood composite siding
  • Any masonry less than 40 mm thick, except for stucco or acrylic coating

Permit Costs: What to Know Before You Start

Analysis Fees and Additional Costs

Permit fees are calculated based on the estimated cost of the work, at a rate of $9.80 per $1,000 spent. The minimum cost is set at:

  • $157 for a building that is exclusively residential
  • $462 for a commercial, industrial, institutional, or mixed-use building

It is also important to note that additional fees may apply for buildings or areas that have heritage value or are subject to specific architectural standards. These fees are non-refundable.

Administrative Steps: Documents to Prepare

List of Required Documents

For the analysis of your permit application, make sure you have:

  • A detailed cost estimate, including taxes
  • A certificate of location
  • Up-to-date color photos of the affected facades
  • A building datasheet
  • Any other relevant document

Special Cases: Condominiums and Agents

If your project involves a condominium, an authorization letter from all co-owners or a resolution of the union is required. If you are acting as an agent, a proxy authorizing you to act on behalf of the owner is required.


Adhering to local rules and regulations is crucial for the success of your masonry project in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal. Masonry Montreal is here to assist you in all your endeavors, from material selection to obtaining the necessary permits, while ensuring compliance with current laws. We invite you to contact us with any questions or to schedule your masonry work.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact your borough's permit counter for clarification. Here is the link for the official page of the Municipal Regulation of Le Plateau-Mont-Royal Borough.


This section has been prepared solely for the convenience of the reader and has no official or legal value. No warranty is offered as to the accuracy of the text. For all legal purposes, the reader should consult the official version of the by-law and each of its amendments or obtain a copy by contacting the City's clerk office.