Comment répare-t-on les linteaux fissurés?
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How are cracked lintels repaired?

How are Cracked Lintels Repaired? – An In-Depth Guide by Maçonnerie Montréal

At Maçonnerie Montréal, we are the leading specialists in masonry services, specifically in the repair and restoration of cracked lintels in Montreal. Given our vast experience in the field, we have gathered in-depth knowledge on the intricacies of repairing cracked lintels. We believe that it is crucial for homeowners and property managers to understand how the repair process works.

Identifying a Cracked Lintel

The first step in the process is identifying a cracked lintel. Some common signs include: Visible cracks on or around the lintel Sagging or bowing of the lintel Crumbling or loose masonry Gaps appearing around the window or door frames At Maçonnerie Montréal, our expert team has been trained to identify these signs quickly and accurately.

Assessment and Planning

The next step in our process is an in-depth assessment. This involves a careful inspection of the lintel and surrounding masonry work to determine the extent of the damage and the underlying cause of the issue. Planning is crucial as every lintel repair project is unique. The exact process will depend on the material of the lintel (stone, concrete, steel, or timber), the age of the structure, the extent of the damage, and several other factors.

Lintel Repair Process

Once we have a plan in place, we proceed to the actual repair. Below is a simplified overview of our comprehensive repair process:

Safety Measures: We start by installing temporary supports to prevent any further damage to the structure during the repair process.

Removing Damaged Material: The next step involves removing the cracked lintel and any damaged masonry.

Installing the New Lintel: We then install a new lintel that matches the structural needs and aesthetic style of the building.

Rebuilding Masonry: The surrounding masonry is carefully rebuilt to match the existing structure.

Finishing Touches: Finally, we finish the repair with any necessary repointing, sealing, or painting to ensure a flawless result.

Why Professional Help is Necessary

While it might be tempting to attempt lintel repair as a DIY project, it is not recommended. It involves heavy lifting and detailed work, which could be hazardous without the right tools, training, and safety measures. Moreover, it's not just about repairing the visible damage. The goal is to address the root cause of the issue to prevent it from reoccurring. This requires a level of expertise that only professionals can provide.

Maçonnerie Montréal's Expertise in Lintel Repair

At Maçonnerie Montréal, we pride ourselves on our meticulous approach to lintel repair. Our team of skilled masons and technicians are fully equipped to handle all aspects of the repair process.


Lintel repair is a complex process that requires expertise and precision. At Maçonnerie Montréal, we combine our years of experience with the latest techniques and materials to provide a comprehensive and reliable lintel repair service. Trust us to restore the integrity and beauty of your masonry structures in Montreal.