Good quality brickwork requires good quality joints. This is what holds everything together, and structurally it’s the most important part of the process. When we are laying brick or stone, our stonemasons put extra care and attention into the joints, ensuring longevity of your masonry.

After the initial brickwork is laid, the role of laying joints becomes crucial for maintenance. Brick deteriorates over time, not through poor workmanship or poor quality mortar, it’s just the nature of the material. Maconnerie Montreal is able to help you extend the life of your brickwork through our repointing service.

The process for repointing mortar joints has not changed in many years, and even today, the traditional process is by far the best way to carry out the work. Our method includes:

  • Removing some of the old mortar using a mortar chisel
  • Ensuring that some of the brick is showing, as new mortar sticks to the brick not the old mortar
  • Delicately pushing new mortar into the gap using a thin spatula and a mortar trowel, ensuring good contact and a watertight joint.

Mortar plays an important role in brickwork. Without it, your bricks would not be where they are now, and without proper upkeep you run the risk of brick failure, mortar cracking or water seeping into your property through micro-pores in the mortar.

Repointing a property helps extend the life of your brickwork, secure the outer layer of your property, and can also bring subtle yet important aesthetic benefits to your brickwork. Our teams are able to carry out the repointing process professionally, ensuring that your brickwork lasts a lifetime.

For more information about our repointing service or about our process for laying masonry joints, please give us a call on (514) 316-3165.