Maconnerie Montreal’s team are experts in the field of bricklaying and stone masonry, and are highly skilled when it comes to masonry restoration and repairing cracks in walls.

Cracks need immediate and professional attention, and with our help, you can rest assured that your wall will remain structurally secure and that the cracks will be prevented from spreading. Although most buildings will develop minor cracks in the first few years after masonry construction, more serious structural cracks or cracks that develop suddenly are cause for concern, but if dealt with correctly, even the most serious cracks can be repaired.

In addition to our crack repair service, Maconnerie Montreal works hard to ensure that new brickwork is built in a way that reduces the chance of cracks appearing once the work is complete. No wall is immune to cracks, but our bricklayers build two key elements into our brick walls to ensure that cracks are kept to a minimum:

  • Expansion joints are built throughout the wall, allowing for natural minor expansion and contraction of the brickwork under changing temperatures and weather conditions.
  • Vertical joints at intervals of approximately 25 feet, with the exact locations determined by the engineer who is working on the project. These vertical joints allow for horizontal expansion of the brick layers and help provide costly vertical cracks from appearing.

Maconnerie Montreal’s skilled bricklayers will be able to assess your requirements and provide a solution that’s tailored to your property. We also work hard to ensure that our crack repair and prevention work is blended into the wall, using a range of materials that match the colour and texture of the brick.

For more information on how we can provide a cure for an existing crack or help with prevention for future cracks, just give us a call on (514) 316-3165.