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Brick Refacing

Refacing a property is an important masonry repair project and so it’s important to know your project is in the right hands. The masonry restoration process can vary greatly depending on the size, shape, age and type of brick used, and Maconnerie Montreal draws on many years of experience to provide a professional service on all the properties we work on.

There are a number of options to consider when you decide how to go about refacing your property, and our team is always happy to discuss the options with you. The types of refacing we provide are:

  • Natural Stone Veneers – perfect for keeping the character and original design of a property, or if you need to adhere to building regulations. This is a more expensive option, and can require additional supports due to the weight, but it remains a very popular material due to it’s quality and beauty.
  • Artificial Stone – a great choice if you desire the visual qualities of natural stone but need to keep costs low and want to avoid the need to additional support, as artificial stone is relatively light. This is one of our most popular services.
  • Manufactured Veneer – available in a wide range of colours and textures, this makes a great choice for the modern home. Weather proof, scratch resistant, and relatively inexpensive, manufactured veneer is a very popular choice where durability is paramount.
  • Brick Veneer – made to look like bricks for a fraction of the cost, brick veneer is perfect if you are on a tight budget or need to build quickly. We provide a wide range of colours and patterns, giving you the choice over how your property looks.
  • Stucco – an easy material to work with, stucco is a mix of sand, cement and lime that can be used to create a durable wall covering or to help seal cracks and secure walls.

Our refacing process starts with an initial consultation. Then, we carefully mark out the areas that we will be working on, and use demarcation rods to align the brickwork, before installing fixings and carrying out the refacing work. Finally, we check the position of each brick and confirm that everything has been completed to perfection.

For more information about our masonry repairs and brick refacing services, or to arrange for one of our stonemasons to assess your property, just call us on 514-316-3165.