brick facing


Brick Facing

Maconnerie Montreal specializes in installing brick facing, bringing a subtle mix of tradition, economy and beauty to a property where brick was not used in the original build.

Facing bricks are designed to look like bricks, but in reality they are just a thin slice of brick laid onto the wall, floor or ceiling of a property to make it look like real brickwork has been used. Using facing bricks, we are able to create an authentic look for a fraction of the price.

We use a range of high quality materials for brick facing and can work on any type of brick masonry walls. Whether you require thinly sawn natural stone, a brick veneer or stucco, we can lay brick facing on both exterior and interior walls, as well as floors and ceilings. The choice is yours, and the way you use facing bricks entirely depends on the look you wish to create.

Our process for brick facing is as follows:

  • Choosing the perfect colour and texture to suit your requirements
  • Preparing the wall and installing fixing plates
  • Laying the facing bricks and transforming your walls

We have a wide experience with brick facing because the possibilities are endless. Facing bricks are not structurally important to a building and so the decision on which bricks to use is entirely down to aesthetics. One of our brick layers will be happy to demonstrate brick samples, show pictures of our previous work, and help you decide on the best facing bricks to suit your property.

To find out more about our brick facing service or to discuss the possibilities for your property, please give our team a call on (514) 316-3165.