Brick Demolition

When masonry or brickwork reaches the end of its life, you’ll need to consider demolition. Even though it’s the opposite of what our team are specifically trained to do, all our stonemasons are skilled in brick and masonry demolition, and despite what you may think, demolition is a skilful process.

We are able to offer a tailored demolition service that meets your requirements, removes the exact section of brickwork that needs to be demolished, and eliminates the risk of damage and disruption to the rest of your property. We are also fully compliant with all safety regulations, and our skilled workforce use modern tools to carry out the demolition process with precision.

As part of our environmental efforts, Maconnerie Montreal is committed to ensuring that waste material is handled in the most environmentally friendly manner. We aim to recycle as much of our waster material as possible, and a lot of the brick and stone that we remove from walls will find new uses, either being ground up for other masonry construction foundations or in the case of stone, reclaimed for use on other stone projects.

To find out more about our demolition service and how we can help remove unwanted brickwork and stonework, please just give Maconnerie Montreal a call on (514) 316-3165